Haute Beauty Experts Talk Effective Teeth Straightening Methods DOCTOR'S TALK, NEWS, WELLNESS September 20, 2021


Haute Beauty Experts Talk Effective Teeth Straightening Methods


September 20, 2021

Brooke Klaiman


The smile we all strive for is one filled with pearly white and straight teeth. To achieve the end goal, smile experts will decide on which teeth straightening tactic is the most beneficial (clear aligners or metal braces). Haute Beauty sat down with some of our experts to discuss the teeth straightening options that are both effective and trending. Here is what Dr. Mimi Yeung had to say:

Dr. Mimi Yeung | Smile | New York

Straightening your teeth can be achieved with conventional braces or clear aligners. Both have their pros and cons.  Braces are the conventional method of moving teeth into the desired positions.  It's efficient and has less cost for the dentist.  However effective conventional braces are, the process of daily oral hygiene, the comfort of your lip and tongue, and aesthetics is challenged.

I find that the Invisalign product along with the supervision of a well-trained dentist in Invisalign will give you the best results. There are many products out in the market that show great results and a beautiful smile with a do-it-yourself product. It is possible to achieve a good result if the user is lucky enough to require very minor corrections and is very diligent with following the progress of each tray.  In most cases, a non-professional must consider that they are not an expert and do not want to do these treatments on their own. There are many factors that can affect the outcome, potentially do more harm than good.  Such an example would be active gum disease. Patients with periodontal issues must first address that before any Orthodontic work. Too often I have encountered patients with teeth movement resulting in open spaces ( causing food impaction), no contact of the back teeth (causing issues with proper chewing), or TMJ issues.

If you want to save money, it's much better to get an evaluation by a dentist first. A mild spacing or crowding case can be attempted without supervision if you so choose. Keep in mind that correcting any mishaps may result in paying much more than if you did the treatment with a dentist in the first place.

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