Dental Sinus Lifts And Their Role In Perfecting Your Smile BEAUTY NEWS, DOCTOR'S TALK June 24, 2022 Dr. Mimi Yeung

My Denatl Spa offers caring, compassionate, and comprehensive dental care for patients in the Midtown Manhattan area. The dental team at this general and cosmetic dentistry practice has a strong commitment to ensuring that all patients receive the care they need for a beautiful smile while feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The team at M.Y. Dental Spa offers more than 20 years of experience in dentistry, along with pain-free dental care and a welcoming environment. 

Haute Beauty expert Dr. Mimi Yeung at M.Y. Dental Spa ensures healthier smiles, teeth, and gums that can significantly improve your wellbeing and boost your confidence by giving you your dream smile. In the instance where you have been suffering from a missing or failing tooth, Dr. Yeung offers sinus lift surgery in the case that you do not have a sufficient amount of bone in your jaw to anchor a dental implant. Eager to learn more about sinus lift surgery? Don't worry. Dr. Yeung has you covered.

Are you eligible for sinus lift surgery?

Regardless of what tooth you are looking to replace, the doctor must ensure sufficient space. For example, if it's an upper back tooth and there is not enough bone under the gum, the implant's base could end up poking the sinus cavity. However, insufficient space can be solved with a minor in-office surgical procedure known as "Sinus Membrane Lift."

What is a sinus membrane lift?

It consists of adding bone to essentially raise the floor of the sinus cavity. Some people don't have enough bone there due to the size and shape of their sinus cavities. In other cases, people lose bone from that area. If your tooth has been missing for a long time, the bone surrounding it begins to deteriorate. Bone needs stimulation, so when it's lost, the body stops producing new bone cells in that area.

Consequently, you can experience a reduction in bone volume and density. If you lost a tooth due to periodontal (gum) disease, your bone volume might have been reduced due to the disease. Nevertheless, sinus membrane lifts can create more bone where needed, no matter the reason for insufficient bone space.

Where does the additional bone come from?

It can be extracted from anywhere in your body, including part of your jaw or hip. Often, the doctor uses bone-grafting materials processed in the laboratory specifically for this surgery. The source might be a human or animal donor (usually a cow). You can also use synthetic products if you don't feel comfortable using one of these two options. These materials must be approved first by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and must be specially treated to be completely sterile, non-contagious, and free of rejection factors.


The Procedure:

Before surgery, the dentist will evaluate your sinus's shape, location, and health using x-ray imaging. Your options for anesthesia will be discussed, but usually, the surgery is carried out under local anesthesia by just numbing the area. Some patients need extra sedation or anti-anxiety medication that can be administered by mouth or injection.

When you are numb, the doctor will make an incision in your gum to target the bone that used to contain the missing tooth. Then, a small opening will be made to reveal the membrane that lines the sinus. This membrane will be raised, and the space below will be filled with bone grafting material. The gum can then be stitched back, or in some cases, the implants can be placed into the grafting material. This eliminates the need for a second surgery; however, it is often recommended that the surgical site heals for 6 to 7 months before the implant is placed.


After the procedure is done, you may experience swelling or mild discomfort that can last a few days. Sometimes, doctors recommend non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medication to minimize the symptoms. On the other hand, antibiotics may be prescribed to avoid any infection. This surgery can cause the sinus membrane to be inflamed, leading to minor congestion, which is when a decongestant can be helpful. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you should schedule the surgery at a convenient time.

Generating bone in sinus cavities can be life-changing for people who have been struggling with a missing tooth or failing teeth. We recommend you stop waiting and contact Dr. Mimi Yeung or call M.Y. Dental Spa at (212)-935-3212.

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