Dr. Choe

  • Dr. Jennifer Choe
    Cosmetic Periodontist

    Jennifer Choe is a graduate of the periodontics program at New York University College of Dentistry, where she underwent intense surgical training. As a periodontist, her foremost concern when treating patients is to always offer the highest level of patient care as well as to make sure that the patient has a comfortable and agreeable experience.  Not only does she treat patients surgically, she also spends considerable time educating patients about the disease process as well as how to prevent future disease from occurring. 

    Her surgical philosophy is to try to save as many teeth as possible, using implants when teeth can no longer be maintained.  When surgery is required, she has had 20 years of experience placing implants, doing complex surgical  extractions (including wisdom teeth), bone grafts, sinus lifts, gingival grafts, and ridge augmentations. She is also able to draw a patient’s blood to offer L-PRF (leukocyte and platelet rich fibrin) to apply a patient’s own growth factors for faster healing and decreased discomfort. 

    She has worked extensively with other specialists and general dentists, often coordinating treatment with multi-disciplines to obtain the best possible outcome for her patients. She is devoted to her profession and spends a considerable amount of time continuing her education so that she stays abreast of the latest treatment modalities. All in all, Dr. Jennifer Choe is dedicated to offering a multitude of treatment options to her patients and is highly proficient in her surgical skills.

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